What Is Manscaped Rocket League 10k & How It Works?

Rocket league manscaped is a charity 2v2 competition. Between “Rocket League” YouTuber teams, hosted by Johnnyboi and sponsored by Manscaped. The amount of money is provided by viewers with a donation of their own, up to USD 10,000. That’s why this is also called manscaped 10k. Donations will go to the “Testicular Cancer Society”.

What is the “Rocket League”?

Psyonix created and distributed rocket-league, a vehicular soccer video game. The game released in July 2015. Games began distributing a physical retail version for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June 2016. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment took over those responsibilities by the end of 2017. macOS and Linux versions also released in 2016, but online support ended in 2020. In September 2020, the game will become free to play.

History of “Rocket League.”

Rocket League is a battle of rocket-powered cars video game PlayStation 3 released in 2008. Battle-cars had mediocre reviews and was not a commercial success, but it did garner a devoted following. While working on a sequel, Psyonix continues to finance itself by developing contract work with many companies. In 2013 Psyonix started making a formal version of rocket-league, with fine-tuning in-game in reply to criticism & user feedback. Psyonix identified Battle-Cars’ having no marketing nor captivate on social media. No advertisement of the game, which shows that game is free for PlayStation & free subscribers when released.

How does “rocket league” work?

Rocket League, which mark as “soccer but with rocket-powered cars”. Includes up to 8 competitors allocated to one of 2 sides, who use rocket-powered vehicles to knock a ball into their opponent’s goal and collect points throughout a match. The game has single-player and multiplayer modes that can play locally or online and cross-platform play between all versions. Later revisions of the game allowed for modifying primary rules and other game modes, including those based on ice hockey and basketball.

Rocket League hailed for its gameplay enhancements over Battle-Cars and its visuals and general presentation. At the same time, the game’s physics engine received some criticism. By the beginning of 2018, the game had received several industry accolades and had about 10 M vending & 40 M end users. Rocket League has also become an e-sport, with executive competitors competing in gaming companies like E.S.L. & M.L.G. and R.L.C.S.


On September 23, 2020, Psyonix shifted Rocket-league into a free play mode across all communities. As part of the transfer, the game included cross-platform advancement. It was won by players of e-sports championships at each tier to win competitions and prizes. The free-version stops requirement for participants to take membership services for online play (like PlayStation-Plus & Nintendo-Switch). with the aid of monetization, adjustments build for the game’s tournament. Players bought the game before the switch award “Legacy” status.

Awards won by “rocket league.”

Rocket League earned many nominations and won several accolades during the E3 2015 event. It received “PlayStation Universe’s” award of “Best Sports Game of E3” & “Gaming Trend’s” award of “Best Multiplayer Game of E3.”

  • Rocket League won Best Independent Game, Best Sports/Racing Game. It was nominated for Best Multiplayer at The Game Awards 2015 in December.
  • Rocket League also received “Sports Game of the Year”, “Outstanding Achievement for Online Gameplay”, & “D.I.C.E. Sprite Award” in February 2016.
  • At the 2016 Game Developers Choice Awards, Rocket League was named Best Design.
  • Rocket League received “the Excellence in Multiplayer category” at the 2016 SXSW Gaming Awards. Rocket League received 3 “BAFTA” Games Awards” & nominated for “Best Game and Game Design”.
  • The game was nominated for “e-Sports Game of the Year” and “Still Playing” at the Golden Joystick Awards in 2017, as well as “Best Spectator Game” at “I.G.N.’s Best” in 2017. It received the prize for “Best Post-Launch Support.” At the “Golden Joystick Awards” In 2018, it suggested “e-Sports Game of the Year.”
  • This game won “Fan Favorite Sports/Racing Game” in “Gamers Choice Awards” and got the nomination for “Fan Favorite e-Sports Game.” The Australian Games Awards suggested “e-sports Title of the Year” and “Still Playing” in the Golden Joystick Awards’ category in 2019.

League Information of manscaped 10k

Series: Manscaped 10K

Organizer: Johnnyboi_i

Sponsor: Manscaped

Type: Online

Location: World World

Prize pool: $21,598 USD

Start Date: 2019-08-18

End Date: 2019-09-04

Mode: 2v2 Liquipedia

Tier: Show Match (C-Tier)

Champions Field: Mannfield (Night)

Number of teams: 6


“Rocket league Manscaped-10k” participant.

Jessie & Mertzy

Jzr & Linkuru

Kronovi & Khan

Lethamyr & Jon

Musty & FLuuMP

Sizz & Athena

Semifinal matches of “rocket league manscaped”

Ltjn & Siat vs Sizz & Athena

Krkh & Jsmr vs Jessie & Mertzy

The final games of “rocket league manscaped”

Krkh & Jsmr vs Kronovi & Khan

Firstly we will come to know what testicular cancer is?

The most common cancer in males is testicular cancer. The attack of this canner occurs during the age of 15-35. This cancer will have a remedy if it diagnoses before entering into the severe stage. When cancer diagnoses early, therapies are more successful and frequently less aggressive than detected later. Treatment options can be “surgery”, “radiation therapy”, or “chemotherapy”, which Rely on class & level of cancer.

“Testicular cancer”

“Testicular cancer” arises when the cells are having cancer start growing in testicles, sometimes one or sometimes both. These cancerous units start to alter & expand uncontrolled, resulting in a mass or tumour formation. The cells can also invade the bloodstream and lymph system and spread, which results in metastases or tumours in the following body parts.

“Testicular cancer”

Symptoms and signs

Testicular malignancies are discovered by men, not physicians, as a painless lump or an enlargement or hardness of the testicle. If you find any lumps or changes, you should consult a doctor right once. Many men with testicular cancer do not feel unwell, and there is often little discomfort.

  • Any testicular enlargement
  • One of the testicles has shrunk significantly in size.
  • A sense of heaviness in the scrotum
  • Dull pain in the lower abdomen, back, or groin
  • A rapid buildup of fluid in the scrotum
  • Discomfort or pain in a testicle or the scrotum
  • Tenderness of breast


The most common diagnosis of “Testicular cancer” is a lump with no pain in the testicles. “Testicular carcinoma” relatively can be manageable & curable kind of cancerous disease. It is incredibly critical to know about testicular cancer at a very early level when the rate of recovery from illness is around a hundred percent. That’s why self-observation, care during adolescence & coming to know before any severe condition is critical.

“Testicular cancer” may occur either in one testis or both. Many cancers belong to the “metastatic class”, which means they can spread in other body parts like “lymph”, “lungs”, & “brain”, causing significant disease or death.

Self-testicular checks perform every month to detect changes in the testicles. Men or their partners discover most testicular malignancies; doctors find relatively few. Self-testicular exams help you become acquainted with your testicles, making it simpler to detect any changes. If you notice any changes, visit a doctor right once.

Keep calm & check balls.

Most testicular cancers may detect early when they are tiny and have not spread. Early testicular tumours create symptoms in some men, prompting them to seek medical assistance. The initial sign is usually a bump on the testicle. The testicle may be enlarged or more extensive than usual.


  • Active Surveillance
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Chemotherapy

    Bottom line

    Rocket-league is a game that plays online. Different tournament arranges by various companies, and many players take part in these tournaments. Manscaped also set a competition of rocket-league, which was named manscaped 10k. The revenue generated by watching tournament matches go for charity. They have also given the link for donations in descriptions, and many people donate money through links. Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection (R.P.L.N.D.)

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