Manscaped Customer Service, How It Works? Complete Guide

Manscaped customer services are available in many ways, For example, websites and social media. All information for any ordinary person is available on all Manscaped official pages. Manscaped customer service through a phone call is the easiest way. If you have any query regarding manscaped, you can ask through call or email.

What is customer service?

Customer service is about assisting customers before and after they purchase and using manscaped products or services to have a positive experience with you. Many businesses also provide self-service assistance, allowing consumers to discover their answers at any time of day or night.

Manscaped customer service via the website

Manscaped, the customer service team, is available every time on the website. Essential details of their products are already available on the website. And for understanding, they also post different blog posts on their website. So that people, after reading blogs, can get basic knowledge of usage of manscaped products.  Anyone who has any query can ask about manscaped products from the customer service team.

 Manscaped customer support via email

You can reach the manscaped team via email at [email protected] and expect a reply during 24-48h.

If you have any questions regarding the terms, please get in touch with manscaped at [email protected]

You can also send an email at [email protected] if you want to contact the customer care service team

Manscaped customer service phone number

You may get in touch with them through their contact page. You can get all manscaped contact numbers from their official website. Here are some official numbers are mention.

Manscaped corporate phone number

“Toll-Free Number” (800) 952-5210

“California Department of Consumer Affairs’’

Manscaped customer service number

Call manscaped customer service for help at this number

(858) 682-4762

Manscaped phone number extension

Legal no (916) 445-1254

“California Department of Consumer Affairs”

Manscaped customer service number / manscaped phone number

You may contact them by phone at 800-497-3037.

Manscaped customer services at different social media platforms

Furthermore, further information may get on customer support social media pages.

You may contact them via their social media profiles. Try contacting’s customer care staff by direct messaging, comments, or mentions on their social platforms. Here is a list of social media pages that you can check out:

Manscaped customer services via Facebook fan page 

Manscaped has an FB fan page. They post different reviews of manscaped users and the latest news related to manscaped products and terms.

Manscaped customer services via Twitter profile

Manscaped announce announced all updates relating to manscapes on their official Twitter account.

YouTube channel for manscaped customer services

Manscaped has an official YouTube channel. All the news or videos related to all products are available on manscaped YouTube channel. Videos give the visual demo related to operating manscaped lawn mower & weed whacker. Videos also help to fix issues related to all manscaped products. All the features of manscaped products describe in different videos. How to order from manscaped official site? & related to shipping issues, videos are also available on YouTube.

Manscaped customer services via Instagram profile 

Manscaped provided their service on Instagram to help their customers.

LinkedIn Profile of manscaped

Manscaped LinkedIn account is also available if you use LinkedIn; you can also access manscaped products on the LinkedIn account. All the details of manscaped are also available manscaped LinkedIn page.

Terms & Conditions for customers 

Manscaped mention all the sales & usage rules on their site. So no one has rite rise obligation. You accept and agree to these terms by accessing and using the Homepage. If you disagree, stop using this Web site. Manscaped reserve the right to change these terms & conditions at any moment by refreshing this page. You have to agree & bound by such changes while using the site.


When you purchase from the site, you have to declare that you are 18 years old. And have got legal permission from parents or legal guardians to buy manscaped products. Manscaped terms and conditions show obligations from such purchase under 18. The company maintains the right to check those. As mentioned earlier, any package containing the product may require the signature of an adult person. (with proper identification of photo provided by the government at delivery time.)

Sale offer

If you order the product from the company,  you must pay the non-refundable shipping and handling fee by card you provide during checkout.

Accept, reject or cancel orders

The company reserves the right to accept/ reject or cancel any order. After you place your order, We’ll send you an email confirming the receipt. Manscaped is simply acknowledging receipt of your order. If your payment method or payment through a credit card is debited (for a declaration). And the company later cancel the order, the company will return your payment.

Not receive confirmation

If you have not received confirmation of your order, you should contact “customer service” at “[email protected]” After it, your order will approve. When “manscaped” sends to you email. And you have received a shipment confirmation.

Reasons of cancelation of order

Manscaped aims to make its products available to everyone. However, the company reserves the right to refuse or cancel an order. Some of the reasons included in cancelation are following

(1) Orders that appear to have been placed by dealers, resellers, or distributors in our exclusive discretion.

(2) If orders by any shipment company (freight forwarding business)

(3) Order cannot process due to invalid billing, or incorrect (payment) information. Such as incorrect payment card information such as expiry & verification value and shipping address. (e.g.” street address, city, state/province, ZIP code, or postal code” etc)

(4) Transactions that we feel are fraudulent, at our sole judgment.

(5) Orders will dispute when anyone uses a past credit card.

We retain the right, subject to applicable legislation. Limit the sale of our products or services to specific individuals, geographic regions, or countries. Any offer made on the site for any good or service is invalid where prohibited.

Renewal policy

This section  only for subscriptions or replenishment orders.


In the event of automatic renewal, Manscaped will charge your payment according to the renewal order. If you agree to the automatic renewal of your subscription/replenishment order during the order. Sign-up for your account and select the frequency of box shipping that will apply.

How will manscaped charge?

Your payment will charge at least one full business day before the shipment date of your next box. Our charge for your payment will include the following payments.

  1. the reasonable cost of your Boxshipping & handling costs.
  2. Sales taxes.
  3. Other taxes are imposed on your order.

You must cancel your order as described below to prevent getting charged. We will continue to bill your payment regularly until you cancel your subscription.

Shipping frequency

The customer will receive a box in response to the shipping frequency on the specified delivery date. Users who want a Pause Period for one, two, or three months can contact through email at “[email protected]

Customers will continue to receive manscaped notifications through email during the pause period. But no fee for this. Those in a “Pause Period” can continue to receive Manscaped Products by contacting again manscaped through email.


You have the option to cancel “subscription/replenishment order” within no time by sending a mail at “[email protected]” There is a possibility that cancellation requests could take up to five business days to be processed. If you encounter any difficulties, don’t hesitate to reach us at “[email protected].”

Taxes and shipping

Any applicable taxes and delivery charges are not included in the prices mentioned on the site. All orders include relevant taxes. ( “product’s delivery” as well as any applicable shipping charges)

Refund policy

All manscaped items return within a “30-day” money-back guarantee from the purchasing date. For additional details, please see the return policy &our product warranties.

Billing & Account

When purchasing on our website, you have to provide complete, accurate, and current information about your account and payment. It is your responsibility to keep your account and other information up-to-date. We store the “email address, credit card numbers, and expiration dates of your cards” to complete transactions and contact you.

(Credit cards: “Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club”), “Amazon payments,” and “PayPal” are also accepted by manscaped.


Anything provided by manscaped or information on the manscaped site is a matter of privacy policy that incorporates all these terms & conditions. In this way, manscaped keeps private your all personal details.


The Company presents warranty to their customers if the customer follows these conditions.

  1. You have legal age to enter into this agreement.
  2.  You have authority to do sign this Agreement.
  3.  Site users agree not allowed to use the site & its components in any way, that violates any new regulation or any of the company’s or third party’s rights.
  4.  Information or data that you have provided to the company won’t violate any rule or policy. It will not interfere with the company’s or any related party’s interests.

No Medical Advice

“The Food and Drug Administration” has not reviewed the representations made about these goods. Neither manscaped product nor its ingredients. manscaped items can’t be for diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any illness. The material present on manscaped official pages or manscaped send-in emails purpose is just to give you knowledge. It does not mean that it is an alternative to professional advice.

Do not use manscaped items without contacting a physician nor for diagnosing or treating any health issues. Manscaped does not intend to be used for treating any “medical condition.” If you have any questions about a medical problem, always seek your physician’s counsel or another certified health expert.

(NOTE: Never ignore expert medical advice or postpone it after reading something on the manscaped website. If there is an emergency condition, contact your doctor and call on “911”.)

Not recommended for patients

Furthermore, these goods are not meant for use by anybody under 18.  If you feel any medical problem, discuss with the doctor before using manscaped products. For example, “strokes, high blood pressure, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, anemia, depression, anxiety, or other psychiatric conditions.”

If you take prescription or herbal medications, consult your doctor before using manscaped products. Don’t rely on ordinary people’s talks. Always take advice from health professionals.

Manscaped customer service reviews

People are pleased with the service of manscaped. They mostly appreciate the delivery service of manscaped due to the fast & exact delivery of manscaped. Customers are delighted with manscaped order tracking services. In this way, they have peace of mind that their favorite manscaped products are in the way.

On the official website, many customers of manscaped gave reviews regarding their manscaped customer services. People say that the manscaped customer support team is very polite .and the team listens to all the customer’s problems and helps them or guides them in the best way.

Response time of customer care service

Manscaped cares for their customers and give a fast response to their customers. Response time for email is almost 24-28 hours. Social media comments or posts share quick responses within 24 hours. Time may vary according to manscaped policy.

Bottom line

Manscaped gives the best services to their customers. There are many ways in which manscaped provides services like email, social media, phone calls, etc. So, customers of manscaped are delighted with their services. Manscaped provides visual help through videos and text news with graphic posts on different platforms. But the leading and authentic platform of manscaped is their website.

Suppose someone needs a one-to-one conversation to discuss any product. In that case, email is the best way, but phone calls or other sources are also available. There are many terms and conditions for sales and use of manscaped products are present on manscaped official websites to help the customers.

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