Manscaped Blades Material, Quality, Usage & Replacement

“Manscaped blades” specially developed for very delicate areas. The size of “manscaped ceramic blades” is compatible with all versions of trimmers which are 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0. Manscaped design trimmer in such a way, you can easily change “blades” for surety of hygiene.

Manscaped blade



The lawnmower has a next-generation blade with “skin safe technology”. Now you can cut hairs with confidence, cut through coarse or thick hair. The small cutting teeth, paired with a “ceramic” blade from the edge pushed backwards 3mm, helpful in an excellent trimming sensation.


The ceramic plus stainless steel blades create to tolerate dirt, grease, and accumulation, which can cause discomfort while still being simple to clean and replace. The lawnmower revolutionary changeable blade offers maximum cleanliness.


All blades include pre-lubrication to ensure smooth operation, more minor wear and tear, and maximum RPMs. Cut even the roughest of hairs with ease.

Assist in bacterial dissolution

Why not use a below-the-waist trimmer on the face?

Did you know that different bacteria grow in various regions of the body? Infections, foul odour, and other issues can result from introducing germs into areas where they do not belong, especially if you scratch or nick the skin. Use a separate trimmer above and below the waist to take care of your most remarkable organ.

Face bacteria (oxygen loving)

Bacteria on the face prefer a dry, greasy, oxygen-rich atmosphere.

Typical species

  • corynebacteriaceae
  • propionibacteriaceae
  • actinobacteria sp.

Groin bacteria (moisture-loving)

Bacteria below the waist have evolved to survive in damp, less ventilated conditions beneath clothing. “Mars” is one of the most harmful staph germs.

Typical species

  • staphylococcacae
  • corynebacteriaceae

Having “replacement blades” quickly delivered to your house guarantees that you’re ready for a “skin safe” shave with minimum bacterial accumulation.

Sharp (obtain the best results)

Reliability is essential when it comes to high-performance tools. Trimmer usage can result in the removal of thousands of hairs over time. As a result, the blade will become duller with time. We recommend that you change your blade regularly to keep it sharp and operate well.

 “Manscaped lawn mower replacement blades”

To change the blade on your lawnmower, hold it with the blade facing you, slide your thumb into the middle of the blade, and gently press forward to remove it from the handle. Insert the bottom of the new blade module into the grip’s hole and gently press it down to secure it. In the end, insert manscaped guard for safety. We recommend that you change your blade regularly to keep it sharp and operate well.

“Replacement blades” for the crop shaver

(Razor blades with three-blade groin)

Stock up on replacement blades to ensure a clean, smooth shave every time.

Razor blades with a three-blade groin


Three precision blades

Three stainless blades for an extended shave and have replacement chambers to maintain every shave sharp.

  • pivoting head  

A broad, pivoting head smoothly navigates the curvature of your area; ensure that you never miss a spot.

  • micro comb bar

As you shave, a rubber comb straightens your hair.

  • extra-wide lubrication-strips

With ingredients, aloe vera and vitamin e, lubricated strips soothe the skin while supplying lubrication on and around the blades for a smooth glide.

  • compatible with the crop shaver

How to change a crop shaver blade?

  • Hold the handle of the crop shaver firmly and push the release button positioned on the handle near the shaver’s head to release the cartridge.
  • Line up the metal docking tabs on the handle with the dock feature on the back of the cartridge to install the razor cartridge. Press the cartridge and the handle together while keeping the docking features aligned. Push the two parts together until you hear and feel a click. Your new cartridge is now operational.

Manscaped the plow replacement blades

Manscaped gives 10replacement blades for the plow safety razor (blade refill). Have you ever tried shaving with a single blade double-edged safety razor? With a 10-pack of refill blades for the plow face razor, you can enjoy a new blade every time. It assists in preventing razor burn. The blades construct from superior stainless steel. This item is only for use on the face and comes with free delivery. For best results, shave with a new blade every time.


  • only for use on the face
  • the cutting angle reduces razor burn
  • Made of premium stainless steel.

Manscaped “weed whacker replacement blades.”

You don’t want to use the same blade repeatedly. That’s why we designed our blades to be replaceable—unscrew the old blade head and replace it with new. One is cleanliness. Sharpness is the second factor.


A 360-degree dual rotating blade rotates at a 23-degree angle to fit the curvature of the nose and ear for the exact trim.


“The ceramic & stainless steel blade” was created to withstand dirt, grease, and accumulation, which can cause discomfort while still being simple to clean and replace.

How to replace?

To change the blade in your “weed whacker”, hold the trimmer with the blade pointed to you, position your finger in the centre of the blades, & spin it off. Insert new blade module into “handle’s groove” & twist it into position.

Manscaped blade maintenance

Manscaped blades maintenance is essential. You have to clean the blades of your “weed whacker” and razor. After shaving, remove all hair cutting that stick to the blade. This removal can occur with water rinse or with a clean cloth. The other thing is grease or oil droplets stay on blades that affect the performance of blades. Remove oil or grease by using alcohol or some hygiene cloths. And the last most important thing is don’t use blades for too long. Replace blades after the specific interval, which is mentioned in instructors of manscaped. Water stains or white stain of calcium appears on blades. To prevent these kinds of colours, clean the blades of manscaped properly.

Stores carry manscaped replacement blades.

Manscaped “replacement blades” are available on the “official website” of manscaped and other stores like amazon, target, best buy etc.

What is “the lawn mower replacement blade subscription”?

Manscaped provides a replacement blade subscription service, and we think you’ll like it. This is how “the lawnmower 3.0 replacement blade” subscription works.

Blades modules

The subscription model is attractive, but it makes little sense until you fully get the value of the lawnmower 3.0 blade modules. It’s brimming with cutting-edge technology that makes male grooming simpler, safer, and more accurate than ever before.

Replacement manscaped blade

Ceramic blade, that’s fantastic for several reasons. Ceramics, for example, are more challenging and maintain an edge longer than steel. That means you won’t need a specific kit to care for your blade, and even the densest bushes won’t require you to change it very often. Another significant benefit of ceramic blades is their ease of shaping. The 3.0 has more features & cutting components than its previous one, which allows it to trim those super-thick bushes more effectively. Ceramics are also resistant to heat. While the 3.0 has a far more powerful engine, the redesigned blade will not carry the heat from that motor to your valuable diamonds. Finally, ceramics are particularly resistant to microbes. These blades are the cleanest since they are more demanding and even less porous than steel.

skin safe

The material isn’t the only thing that distinguishes these blade modules. They build with the latest skincare technology. It enables you to apply more pressure while reducing the danger of nicks and cuts. A new trimmer allows you to trim more forcefully and precisely than anything else on the market.

 Refills subscription

So, now that you know what your blade module is capable of, you’ll want to keep it in good working order. Even though ceramic is the most excellent material we can legally utilize to manufacture a trimmer blade, it has limitations. The superb, stiff, sharp ceramic blade will fail even if some of you are hauling redwood trees down there. When this happens, you should have a backup plan in place.

Shipped to your door

The subscription process is straightforward. A new blade costs $14.99 and is delivered directly to your home. You may enable automatic renewals, and your new blade will be waiting for you when you need it. The default option is three months (the average time frame for most males to exchange), but you may modify the service to better fit your schedule. When you’ve figured out how frequently you’ll need a new module, you may schedule it with us, and we’ll make sure you don’t forget. The days of having to grin and bear a poor grooming cut are over.


This service is already valuable, but changeable blade modules are about more than just sharpness. No matter how antibacterial they are, Ceramics can still allow bacteria and other germs to cross-contaminate if not used properly. In actuality, you should wash your trimmer after each usage on a different section of your body. The material that grows in your armpits might harm your junk, which you don’t want. A good scrubbing between those trims is required, but who has the time? The more straightforward method is to have a few blade modules and allocate them to various areas of your body. Instead of scrubbing a trimmer blade, change it out and go.

Dedicate your  manscaped blade modules

The issue is money. We understand. You can spread out your investment a little, and the subscription service will keep you loaded with enough modules to make life easier without any effort. Once you’ve accumulated enough blades to keep you clean, you may set your subscription timer to ensure you’re constantly carrying a sharp blade. The best thing is that devoting your modules in this manner will significantly increase their lives. Being hygienic can lead to significant savings!

Bottom line

Manscaped blade replacement is available in the online and offline market. Manscaped blades have outstanding quality and are safe to use. Ceramic material makes it more safe and smooth during a shave. If your trimmer’s blade is not working, no need to worry or buy a new trimmer. You can replace blades and shave again.

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