How To Adjust & Replace Manscaped Guard? Complete Guide

Manscaped guard is a part of manscaped trimmers (lawnmower 2.0 3.0 & 4.0). Manscaped guard makes shaving a straightforward task. So if you want long or short hair trimming, you can decide to guard according to your hair length. Manscaped guards of different sizes are available.

Manscaped guard is the solution to cuts. 

Whenever you are working with a knife or blades, you have to be very conscious not to cut yourself. You have to work very carefully. Any negligence or lack of concentration missed you but manscaped guards solve this problem. These guards prevent the blade not directly touching your skin. Guards handle your skin, and blades cut your hair.

What is a manscape guard?

Guard is a person or anything which prevent someone from harm. Anything that protects other things is called the guard. It can be a cover lid or hurdle if we talk about nonliving guards, which prevents any machine. In a trimmer, comb-like guards are present, which allow hairs to pass but prevent the skin from touching the blades.

Manscaped guard lengths

Four different manscaped guards

2.0 manscaped guard

“The Lawn Mower 2.0” comes with two interchangeable blade’s guards for different cut lengths: a “3/6mm guard and a 9/12mm guard”. Each guard may be flipped and locked into a position to the appropriate size.

3.0 manscaped guard

“The Lawn Mower 3.0″ comes with an enhanced moveable blade’s guard. A simple swipe up or down can adjust from” 2-3.5mm.

4.0 manscaped guard

“The Lawn Mower 4.0” comes with two changeable blade’s guards. With a simple swipe up or down, one guard changes from 3-6mm. The other guard has an adjustment range of 10-13mm.

“Manscaped lawnmower 3.0” guards

This trimmer includes two guards, resulting in three effective cutting lengths. The guards are 2mm and 3mm in diameter, respectively. All of these are relatively short cutting lengths. The 2mm is much faster, measuring less than a tenth of an inch. You may also remove all of the guards and get a shaving length from the 3.0.

“Manscaped lawnmower 4.0” guards


The Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer is the finest. Due to the excellent design elements that it copied from its predecessor, manscaped 4.0 is very popular among customers. The 3.0’s capacity is further increased by the 4.0. It comes in four different lengths for the cutting guards: 3, 6, 10, & 13mm.

 Best for Military-cut

For traditional military cut, the 4.0’s shortest guard is most effective & helpful. By the time you get to the 13mm guard, you’ll have about a half-inch of hair left. That’s short enough to be groomed, but it all depends on your choice.

 Comparison of 3.0 &4.0 guards

What was worth upgrading to 4.0? Do they both cut in the same way?

The performance of the blades is, for the most part, comparable. If you like the 3.0 version, you’d adore the 4.0. They cut and handle identically; the 4.0 merely adds a few usability enhancements. Adjustable trimming is one of such modifications.

Is “the lawnmower 4.0 trimmer” equipped with the same protections as “the lawnmower 3.0“?


The simple answer is no. The guards are not the same, nor are they interchangeable; this determines by body design. The blade head on both trimmers is identical. But, the body format of the 4.0 is different, modifying size, form & the trimmer guards as well.

Other parts

Each trimmer has its own set; however, each trimmer has a complete set. So you don’t need to store your 3.0 guards for your 4.0 in the first place. The trimmers have self-contained units that do not require anything from earlier generations.

Which gives perfect grooming?

Finally, the 4.0 has improved on the 3.0. The increased number of trimmer guards is vital, and the updated trimmer gives you greater control and versatility. The 3.0 performs very well in haircutting, and it is unquestionably a valuable tool. However, if you appreciate having the finest of the best, going to the 4.0 makes perfect sense.

How do new “lawnmower 4.0 guards” work?

As a result, the cutting lengths of “The Lawn Mower 4.0” trimmer increase. There are currently four-guard lengths available. You have the option of leaving your hair clipped at 3 millimetres, 6 millimetres, 10 millimetres, or 13 millimetres. That is equivalent to number 1, “standard haircutting guard”, with a maximum length of a quarter inch. It means you may groom different sections of your body without cutting them so short that they irritate your skin.

Manscaped 3.0 guard replacement

You’ll want to know how to use these guards so you may get freedom from the fear of cutting. Manscaped 4.0 guard replacement is also the same as 3.0.

This brief lesson will guide you through 3 basic steps.

  • Slide the guard over the notches on the front.

When there is no protection attached to the trimmer, select the one you wish to use. Slide the guard over the notches on the front. The trimmer body’s slides include grooves, and the guard should glide nicely into them. The guard is applied.

  • Adjust the length of the guard

You can easily alter the length of the guard. To vary the effective cutting length, slide the notches up or down without removing the guard.

  • By pressing up, you may remove the guard.

Push up on the bottom when you wish to remove the guard. The guard will fall off, and you may replace it with another guard or turn off all guards. All choice is yours.

Conversion of the guard’s no into length units.

It amazes how many men come into barbershops and request haircuts based on clipper guard numbers. They’ll say they want a number two on the sides and maybe a number six on top. When the barber converts the clipper guard numbers to total lengths in inches, most guys have no idea what is talking about.

So, it would be good to discuss how those clipper guard numbers translate into actual dimensions in inches. But we have to understand first what are clipper guards.

The traditional way of trimming

 The majority of traditional expert barbers do not utilise clipper guards. They typically have the technical ability to cut freehand to the length specified by the customer.

What exactly are “Trimming Clippers”?

Grooming clippers are electric haircutting tools. Trimmers and occasionally electric razors are the names of these devices (although technically, electric razors can be different). We’re all talking about the same thing. It’s what your barber uses to shave your face or other body parts.

Grooming clippers come in a variety of styles.

The trouble is, clippers come in a wide range of styles. The clippers use by your barber for the haircut on top of your head. They are excellent for that purpose, but you should not use them on your balls. They’ll cut the hair fine, but they’ll be challenging to control and will most likely cut more than just the hair.

Ball grooming clipper

You may get clippers made explicitly for your balls. They’re unique and extraordinary. You may get a beard trimmer that glows when used on your face. You may also acquire a full-body trimmer, and if you discover one that works, it will be your best hygiene tool.

Trimers hold the key to pleasure. They are the liberating tool that enables you to be a better guy – a groomed man. They make your step lighter, your balls more comfortable, and your overall state of being better. Manscaped grooming clippers are your best buddy if you use them correctly.

Design for balls

Your first encounter with a high-quality trimmer is unlike anything you’ve ever felt. There is a burst of energy that stimulates you to your core. The smooth grip handles are sturdy in your palm. The ceramic blades appear clean and razor-sharp. Everything is light and controllable thanks to the cordless design of manscaped.

Clipper guards

Clipper guards are plastic accessories that present onto the barber’s trimmer to prevent them from cutting too short hair. For example, if a plastic clipper guard is certified at 1/2 inch, it should cut hairs longer than that while leaving strands shorter than that length uncut. It is crucial for individuals who use them to understand that they can snap off while cutting and inflict serious harm to a haircut. Clipper guards must be firmly mounted and regulated so that this embracing situation does not occur.

Easy cut by clipper guards

Clipper guards are also known as crutches for newcomers, and people with limited expertise can work as professionals. For many years clipper guard numbers have been widely referred to people.

Buy high-quality clipper guards.

These days, when you buy a set of barber clippers, it usually comes with four inexpensive clipper attachments or guards. If you insist on utilising clipper guards, I recommend investing in a higher quality set of eight branches. And is manufactures a variety of enhanced clipper guard sets, which can purchase from a beauty supply store.

How to fix manscaped guard?

If there is any problem with guards and they are not stable. Follow these steps

  1. 1st step is the selection of guards according to your wish.
  2. There is a grove on one side of manscaped trimmer’s body.
  3. Take the guard and keep it on the grove.
  4. Now, next, slide the guard slightly and insert it into the grove.
  5. Check guard is wholly fixed in it or not.
  6. If it is not correctly set, adjust it again.
  7. After adjusting the guard, please select the desired length by adjusting its notch b upwards or downwards.
  8. Now your trimmer is ready to shave you.

Bottom line

Manscaped guards are essential parts of manscaped tools. Using a trimmer without guards is very dangerous. It covers the blades and prevents cuts and scars during shaving. All versions of trimmers have different lengths of manscaped guards. . These guards are adjustable and can set the size of your desire. An updated version has better and comfortable guards. Separate manscaped guards are also available in the market.

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